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Just navigate to one of our fundraiser pages and click on the "Start a Fundraiser" button on the right. Pick your fundraiser, and you're off! JULY 18 is matching funds day on Global Giving, so it's a perfect way to raise lots of funds in a short time period. Choose a project to support:

Thai Citizenship 


If you would like to host a fundraiser, please contact us at and we will get you any information you need!

Fundraiser ideas:

  • Fun run

  • Movie Night

  • SoulCycle event

  • Quiz night

  • Golf tournament

  • More ideas found HERE 

Sponsor a need

We have many programs and many ways to sponsor! Here are a few:

  • Want to do something tangible? To see our current book and art needs, visit our Amazon wish list

  • 4WD vehicle: $15,000 USD would allow us to purchase a vehicle that could go into the most remote areas of Thailand and provide workshops and supplies to the most vulnerable families in Northern Thailand.

  • University scholarships: $400 pays for a year of college tuition at a government school, while private universities are about $1000 a semester. We provide scholarships for stateless students who are ineligible for government scholarships and for foster children who have aged out of the system.

  • High school uniforms: Uniforms are required, but many rural students don't have the $125 it costs to get a full set, so they either get sent to an orphanage which pays for their school, or they don't have the opportunity to go to high school. We provide scholarships to up to 25 students per year. 

  • High school tuition: There are many minority children who could change the world if given the chance. Thailand is not known as a leader in public education, but they have high quality private schools for those who can afford them after passing the entrance exams. Tuition for a deserving, hardworking student at one of these schools is around $1000 a semester.

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Citizenship provides belonging, a sense of identity. It provides access to education, health care, and careers. But for many children born in the mountain villages of Thailand, it is a difficult thing to acquire due to lack of knowledge, lack of education or poverty. Help us provide resources to families going through the process of applying for citizenship for their children so those children have no limitations to success.

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