According to recent statistics by One Sky Foundation, over 90% of Thai children in orphanages actually have living family who could care for them with a little financial assistance. The number one reason families are separated is poverty, not abuse or neglect.


Even children who *are* true orphans have the right to grow up in a foster or adoptive family. That's why we are excited to partner with the Thai government and Care for Children in their endeavors to transition into a nationwide foster care system. Follow the links below to see successful stories of other countries that are making this transition.


Lumos is an organization that has done extensive research on this topic and has many resources to learn more:

Beyond the Orphanage works to get kids out of orphanages or off the streets and into families in Africa. Read about the benefits of family based foster care HERE.

Here is an article about family based care in India facilitated by a faith-based organization.

Families not Children's Homes

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