• Heather Askew

Children Have Human Rights, Too

Do you know what YOUR rights are? How many can you name? The United Nations lists 54 human rights of children broken into four categories.

On January 7, 2017, Jojo's Sanctuary was launched with our first educational training in the village of Baan Mai Dang. Our friends from ECPAT Thailand in Chiang Rai came down to teach 35 children about their human rights. Thanks to their assistance, our staff was trained in how to teach more children this valuable information. It was a huge success, with all 35 children interested in learning more about other topics in the future. The most popular request was for information about staying safe while using the internet, a valuable seminar often requested by parents and teachers alike. It's good to know that even teenagers are aware that while it's a good way to stay up to date with their friends, the internet also holds many dangers. Ou

Out of 35 students, only 4 had ever heard that they had human rights and they

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