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How Safe is Your Computer?

With the recent influx of social media to Thai society, it can be hard for parents to know all the different ways their children use the internet, let alone educate them on how to navigate it safely. While America has had the internet for two decades now, it has been a recent import to more remote areas in Thailand, especially since smart phones have become so affordable. Just ten years ago, most Thai people didn't have a cell phone at all, and now kids can watch tv and upload straight to youtube from their phones.

In recent years, traffickers have used such websites and apps as Facebook and Snapchat to lure victims into exploitation. Children and youth in rural areas are especially vulnerable to this type of deceit due to lack of knowledge of how this occurs. We went to a village in the Mae Jam area to teach students how to make their Facebook pages private, warning signs of exploitation, cyber bullying and sexting. We also had them identify adults in their lives that they could go to if they encounter anything online that makes them feel unsafe.

Do the kids in your life know about the dangers that can be found online? Do they know that you are a safe person to come to if they feel bullied or in danger in their online lives? There are many videos available to educate yourself and children in your life about it. Here are links to a couple:

Facebook security:

Cyber bullying:

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