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Fundraising on Two Continents

We are in the final days of not one, but two crowdfunding campaigns, one based in Thailand and the other in the US.

Our Thai fundraiser has been to raise money to prepare a home for Butsaba and Jay to take in foster children in need of short term care. These two have been nomads for most of their adult life so they haven't acquired the normal array of furniture and other household items most of us do. First they moved from their home village to the cities where they attended university. After university, they both got jobs on site at locations that provided housing for them in Chiang Mai and Nan. After they got married, they moved to Petchabun in the south of Thailand and housing was provided for them. Then they moved back to Chiang Mai and lived with me. Finally, they will have their own place, but it's quite a lot to start from scratch on a Thai income. So, that's where the fundraiser comes in.

Our goal was based on estimates of what it would cost to fully set up a house, and at first we were disappointed that we weren't able to garner as much support from the public as we thought this project would generate. Despite articles published in magazines and contacting every Thai person we know, we are only at 10%. BUT! We think God had a plan because we have been looking at houses in the area Butsaba and Jay will live, and most are already furnished and renting for less than our projected budget. This fundraiser ends on Saturday, September 30, so there are still a few days left if you would like to donate to this fundraiser. It's set up like kickstarter, so there are some cool rewards you can get too if you'd like. Here is the link:

Our second fundraiser has been taking place in the US. We applied to be a part of the Global Giving Accelerator for fall 2017. Global Giving is a website that connects donors with projects they want to support in different parts of the world. The Accelerator spends a week teaching new applicants how to run a crowdfunding campaign and then gives them three weeks to accomplish two tasks:

1) raise $5000

2) receive donations from at least 40 people to reach this goal.

We set a base goal and a stretch goal. Our base goal was the minimum $5000 and our stretch goal was $8000. We decided to focus on raising funds for our Child and Family Empowerment Program we have been doing this year, as the grant will run out in December. In addition, we wanted to raise funds to provide training for current and potential foster families and foster children. If we reach our stretch goal, both programs would be fully funded for another year!

We reached our base goal and have until Friday to receive donations toward our stretch goal. If you would like to support this program, you can do so here:


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