• Heather

Flying: Not just for birds

In September, we were very fortunate to get to take some of the lower income children from our program on a flight through the treetops of Mae Kompong village outside of Chiang Mai. Flight of the Gibbon was the first zipline adventure in Thailand and remains the safest and most generous, providing free "flights" for disadvantaged children from a variety of organizations every year.

This year, Dan and his team provided a trip to 16 of our kids (and three of our adults!), including two hours of ziplining, a delicious buffet of Northern Thai food and a trip to the waterfall, where the kids got to swim and play in the stream. For kids who are lucky to get a new pair of shoes once a year for school, this was quite the treat. We are so appreciative of the generosity of the Flight of the Gibbon staff to provide these outings for kids all over Chiang Mai every year. Thanks, team FOTG!


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