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Parenting is Hard

We all know parenting is hard and there are as many styles of parenting as there are parents. But one thing all kids should know is how to make good choices. Parenting with Love and Logic is a popular book in the US and gives tips on how to raise kids who are responsible, have good boundaries and make good choices for their lives. Our foundation, Family Connection Foundation, is lucky enough to have some amazing women who took the time to translate this parenting strategy into Thai so that it can be taught to any staff who works with children and shared with Thai parents as well.

This is our final piece of the Child and Family Empowerment Program for 2017, and we wanted to share this system with as many parents as possible. We were so happy to have the chance to do a shortened version of this week long training in two locations so far, with a third scheduled for later this month. Our foundation accountant speaks Lahu fluently, so she was able to come translate for Butsaba as she shared with the parents in the Lahu village about how to raise their children with love and logic. They were so excited to learn this and really engaged with the training, eager to share their own experiences with raising kids. They loved it so much, they asked if we would come and do the full version with them in the new year. Of course, we said yes! More knowledge = healthier and happier families.

Then, we went to Mae Jam, where Butsaba taught in her native Karen language to Karen parents. It was so nice to see not just the mothers but also the fathers getting into the training, eager to learn and share their own experiences. They asked us if we would be able to come and share this strategy with other dorms and parents in the Mae Jam area as well in 2018. So, these two locations are on our radar for further and deeper education on parenting styles. We are excited to know that this information is not only needed, but wanted as well.

Later this month, we will be providing this training in yet another language, this time in Thai. Also, next week Jay and I will have the chance to attend a 3 day seminar taught by one of the authors of this book. This seminar was offered to social workers and others who work with children in the Chiang Mai area, so we are honored to be included on the invite list and excited to hear what the author has to say. I'm especially excited to attend a training in English so I understand more than 75% of what is being said!


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