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Train Journeys

Have you ever been on a train journey across the country, or even across the State? Trains are becoming less common in some areas and more common in others around the world. In Thailand, they are still used quite frequently as a slower but less expensive way to travel cross country.

At Building Family Dreams, only 1 of the 35 members had ever been on a train! We found a beautiful national park located in the mountains about an hour from Chiang Mai that had a stop only accessible by train! It's called Khun Tan mountain and is just before the entrance to the longest train tunnel in Thailand. It took 11 years to finish and more than 1000 people died while making it, either from sickness or accidents, or according to, "with tigers reportedly picking the odd one off too."

We packed fried chicken and sticky rice for a picnic lunch with strawberries and cupcakes for dessert to celebrate the kids who had birthdays in January and February. It was so fun to see how excited everyone was to go on this outing. One of the dad's had just gotten out of the hospital after surgery, but he said "I've never been on a train, and I'm not missing the chance now!"

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