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Building Family Dreams graduates

It's been 18 months since we launched our first round of Building Family Dreams. We celebrated the graduation from the program by having a family camp at the Fang Hot Springs, about 3 hours from Chiang Mai. It was a great location, lots of space to roam, hot tubs to soak in and cabins to sleep in on rainy nights. The one complaint was the lack of adequate bathrooms for our large group!

We were so happy to celebrate the accomplishments of these families, who committed to strengthening their family relationships by joining the program. Now, they each have successful family businesses, have learned new skills in for parenting and have gotten to see many places in Chiang Mai that they have never had the opportunity to visit.

Family camp was 2 nights and 2 days and we packed a lot into that time. Since we had such a beautiful location, we wanted to make sure everyone had ample free time but we wanted some structured time as well. We had a Lahu pastor that the community requested come to do a couple sessions about family, we reviewed what we had learned through our educational workshops, we played games and of course, we ate. We even got to have S'mores, thanks to a friend bringing boxes of graham crackers all the way from the US! This was a special treat since almost no one had ever had one before.

One of the most fun things we got to do was a photo/video scavenger hunt. The families were split into teams and each had one phone to use for all the photos and videos. They had an hour to do as many as possible and they participated with gusto! Even the grandma got involved!

Stay tuned to our website for video testimonials of how the program has helped this village. They will be up on our website soon.

We are excited to be partnering with the government orphanage to provide our next round of Building Family Dreams to the families of children who have grown up in an orphanage but have now returned to their birth families. If you would like to sponsor this program for other families, please donate at

Building Family Dreams costs about $350 a month to run.


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