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The Great Citizenship Update

2019 Has been the best year ever for citizenship cases!

-May 2019: M got his citizenship card after years and years of trying!

- June 2019: S and his two brothers got their cards AND Fai's sister finally got her card after decades of not having it! You can read all the details in our April update. So, in one day we got 4 cases closed! Fai's sister will need to come back in January with her oldest 2 children to get their cards, but that should be easy. We will accompany her to help with any miscommunication.

- August 2019: A, our little guy with the crazy bad scoliosis that makes his back look like a map of Mulholland Drive, finally got a Thai registration number! This is amazing news because his family were quite scared that since his parents abandoned him he wouldn't get one. Luckily, interviewing his aunt, his foster mom and us was enough to convince them. Now he has a resident card for ten years. We got a letter requesting a DNA test for him and his aunt. Once that gets processed (about 3 months) we will go back in with the village chief and his aunt and he will get his full Thai citizenship! Then, he can apply for his low income health card which will allow him to get his back surgery in a couple of years for a fraction of the price. They estimate the cost without the insurance card is about $10,000, but with the insurance card, it should be around $1000.

- October 1, 2019: N, M's younger sister, will get her citizenship card! That means both M and N can attend university and get good paying jobs when they finish. This is a huge win for their family!

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