• Heather Askew

COVID 19 effects

As with everywhere else in the world, we in Thailand have been affected by the COVID 19 virus. The families we work with in Building Family Dreams are some of those most impacted by the effects of the lockdowns, as many of them work as day laborers, in restaurants or bars, which have all been closed. Many of them don't have citizen status, so they are unable to apply for government aid packages due to lack of a paystub or ID card number. With the travel restrictions beginning to lift now that the virus is starting to disappear, we were able to visit several of the families who were meant to be joining our program in April.

Our plan was to launch the new cycle of Building Family Dreams in April, but the lockdown prevented that, so now we will likely start in June. In the meantime, we will begin doing weekly home visits to get to know the families before our official launch. Last week was the first time we were able to meet the kids who will join our program and chat with the moms (all the families this time are single parent households).

The families feel very isolated and unsupported during this time, so it was a good chance for us to hear their needs, learn a little more about their family history and begin to think of how we can provide the best support to them as we start our workshops.

We are also exploring a partnership with Faithful Heart Foundation, an organization that has group homes for tribal children, but is interested in moving towards supporting family strengthening measures more over time. We are still discussing what a partnership would look like but are excited to collaborate more with them.

If you would like to give towards buying food baskets for families in our program, you can donate directly here: Food Basket Donations


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