• Heather Askew

Winter in Review

The winter has been a great time for our team. We added a new member to our team in January, Suzanne from the Netherlands, who moved here with her husband Paul and their adorable son Julian! She is a social worker and will be helping us as we work with the new families in our Building Family Dreams program.

We have also been blessed with 4 new foster children, two with Heather and two with Butsaba and Jay. Two will go home to their families over the summer, and the other two are transitioning into long term foster homes at the end of the summer. We have enjoyed getting to know them and provide support during this time of transition in their lives. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for each of them.

This week, we visited new families to invite them to join Building Family Dreams in April. These are families who have had their children in the government orphanage for many years and now the children are moving back to be with their families. We are optimistic that this program will be beneficial for them, they will learn the value of families and we will have more success stories to tell soon! Building Family Dreams round 2 will begin April 18.

We have been doing youth group for the teens at HUG Project for the past 2 years, but now that HUG Project has moved their offices, that program has been put on hold while we try to look for another location. It will be difficult to continue, because most of the students have evening jobs now, so they cannot attend much of the time. We will see if we can find a location in the next few weeks, otherwise we may pause for the summer and see in what other ways we can continue to serve the kids in that community.

We had many kids graduate 9th grade this year, which is a big deal in Thailand. It is the mandatory minimum for education here and allows people to get higher paying jobs if they have this certificate in hand. Because of the COVID 19 outbreak, many of the ceremonies have been cancelled, but we have gotten to go to a couple!

We have almost successfully completed one citizenship case this year, and have plans to return to Mae Fah Luang to help the woman we worked with last year get her children registered for their citizenship as well. Prayers would be appreciated for two cases in Chiang Mai, one of whom should be complete and waiting just on the paperwork to process, but the other is very difficult because there are no male relatives closely related enough to test the DNA and prove he is a member of this family.

We are looking forward to this next quarter of 2020 and excited to see what happens in each of our programs!


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